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Hoosh University's Marketo Training is the world’s only externally accredited Marketing Automation qualification.
Main Features
  • Marketo hands-on practice
  • Digital marketing theory
  • Instructor Marking & support
  • Mobile device accesible

Hoosh University training combines the teaching expertise of the University of Technology in Sydney, with real world lessons learnt from over 10 years of pioneering in the marketing automation space.

You will establish a fundamental base in digital marketing theory through problem-based learning, and then build experience in a specific automated marketing platform: Marketo.

All theory lessons are complemented with in-depth illustrative real world examples to get you running best practice campaigns by the end of your course.

Hoosh is a Premier Marketo partner, founded by ex-Marketo consultants specialising in digital marketing training with a focus on enabling our clients to be self sufficient.


Theory and hands on: Each module in the course is a mix of theory and hands on. For example, the theory video in a module is: "What are the elements of a best practice marketing email?", and the hands on section to complement that is: "How to build that best practice marketing email in Marketo".

Instructor marking & support: At the end of a quiz, you'll get your results as well as the correct answers. All the quiz results are available to your certified Marketo trainer so you can be given personalised attention if required. Email support is also included across all packages. 


For Inquiries
Phone: +61 2 8355 9927


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