M 360


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Integrated dashboards that offer end-to-end marketing reporting beyond Marketo and CRM and allow you to accurately measure marketing effectiveness.
Main Features
  • Easy Access
  • Custom Integrations
  • Pre-Built Dashboards
  • Anonymous Web Visitor Tracking

Integrated & Pragmatic Marketing Analytics

Map each engagement with a lead in Marketo and CRM, gain insights into your anonymous web visitors, securely integrate apps like Google Analytics, AdWords, Bing, DoubleClick, and get visibility into your marketing initiatives with pre-built visualizations.

Personalized Features

  • Deep Insights into Anonymous Web Visitors

  • Open Architecture for Custom Integration

  • Powerful Real-Time Reporting Functionality

  • Easy Access  even for Non-Marketo Users


M-360 offers marketers with integrated dashboards that provide a holistic view of the customer journey. Our dashboards are 100% customizable and fit the unique needs of your business. With M-360, you can accurately measure the impact of your marketing dollars.

Dashboards Offered:

Available in Basic, Standard, and Custom packages.

1. Lead Quality

    Available in Basic, Standard, and Custom

  • Leads by Source

  • Leads Aging Analysis

  • Missing Data Reports

2.  Email Marketing

    Available in Basic, Standard, and Custom

  • Unsubscribes by Source, Timeline, Email

  • Bounced by Category, Source, Timeline

  • Email Deliverability Metrics

3. Google Analytics Integration

    Available in Basic, Standard, and Custom

  • Standard GA data in Tableau

  • Sessions by Country/Region/Age/Gender/Interest

  • Pageviews by Pages/Channels/Age/Gender/Interest

  • Top Events by Channel

  • Sessions by Device/User Type/Visitor

4. Marketing Attribution Model

  Available in Standard and Custom

  • First Touch

  • Multi Touch

  • Campaign Performance Report by Channel

  • Channel Performance Report

5. Marketing Funnel Analytics

    Available only in Custom

  • Lead Velocity

  • Lead Stage Report

  • Success Path Analyzer

6. Account Based Marketing

    Available in Standard and Custom

  • Named Account

  • Engagement on Named Accounts

  • Lead Funnel Analytics

  • Recommended Accounts

  • Account Data Health

7. Inbound Marketing

    Available only in Custom

  • Total Opportunity Per Paid Media Channel

  • Paid Media Spend Distribution

  • Top 10 Campaigns

  • Bottom 10 Campaign

  • Campaign Cost Timeline

  • Device Conversions

  • Keyword Conversions

  • Lead Inflow by paid Media Channel