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Goodman Lantern - Content Creation Platform

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Goodman Lantern's platform provides you with direct access to experts writers/analyst, project managers and tools to develop engaging content.
Main Features
  • Dedicated Project Managers
  • Fully managed team of experts
  • Pay-As-You-Go: Never overpay
  • Realtime view of Progress

Goodman Lantern is a leader in creating high-quality content, driven by research, which is tangible, shareable, and useful information for the client. Content can be customised to suit your intended audience, and can be easily tracked and optimised within Marketo to monitor your ROI.

The content primarily consists of white papers and e books, developed by using innovative technology and experienced teams. We are able to reduce costs by up to 66%, and increase the project delivery speed by 5 times.

Our research analysts are highly qualified ranging from PHD to Bachelor’s Degree, and are headed by EU, US and Australia based project managers who have specialist knowledge across the spectrum of all major industries from banking, energy and agriculture, to IT industries, economics, and more.

Our content is data-driven and engaging. Customer projects have been proven to have a significantly high return on investment.