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Marketing Demand Analytics

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GoodData Marketing Demand Analytics enables marketing leaders to measure marketing's contribution and ROI, allowing them to optimize marketing spend.
Main Features
  • Advanced analytics with industry best practices & KPIs
  • Rapid, full-stack implementation
  • Ad hoc reporting & drill-in capabilities
  • Cross object reporting & historical trending

GoodData Marketing Demand Analytics is an out-of-the-box analytics solution connecting marketing automation to sales business processes and providing visual insights into key demand generation metrics for deeper, more actionable insights.

*See demand performance across regions, products and campaigns
*Compare conversion rates between different stages of the marketing funnel
*View campaign performance by leads, opportunities, ROI and overall revenue

GoodData Marketing Demand Analytics helps marketers identify key demand-generation metrics measured over time to drive up response rates, rank lead performance channels and sources, and highlight the strategies that work. Marketers get instant access to information like lead conversion rates and velocity to identify the most effective channels and sources.

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