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A customer community solution for questions, problems, ideas, and praise. Peer-to-peer as well as agent support in an open public format.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Search optimization
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Relevant content discovery
  • Advocate identification

The Get Satisfaction community platform is a Demand Generation professional’s dream. Every day, thousands of community members engage their favorite brands asking them questions that can affect their buying decisions. Each interaction is non-anonymous, allowing you to capture the identity of the user and track their behavior.

Whereas a typical marketing landing page has a single call to action to, say, download a whitepaper, the community presents several, natural, calls to action on one page, including opportunities to reply to or follow interesting topics.  The community behaves as a living, breathing, interactive landing page with far more richness than a typical marketing page.  

Use Get Satisfaction with Marketo to engage your customers with meaningful content. Then, track your community members' activity in Marketo so you can add them as new leads, adjust their lead scores, or add them to specific campaigns. 

Watch this webinar to learn more about how customers, like Mimecast, are using Get Satisfaction and Marketo to solve marketing challenges and drive revenue. 

Marketo Integration

Get Satisfaction Integration with Marketo: Your community as a marketing engine 

The Get Satisfaction platform presents an outstanding engagement opportunity for brands trying to get closer to their customers. Now, with the Get Satisfaction Integration with Marketo, you can use the community as a powerful marketing asset. This integration lets you create new leads from active community members and track their behavior as they interact with the rich content that lives in Get Satisfaction. Leverage the automation machinery of Marketo to put community members in specific campaigns, adjust their lead scores, or push directly to a CRM system. 

Companies using this integration can use community to: 
** Increase their leads by adding community members’ emails into their lists 
** Increase their sales effectiveness by capturing important buyer behavior
** Leverage community content as marketing collateral 
** Correlate content to buyer behavior to test collateral effectiveness