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FunnelWise: Full-Funnel Intelligence

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FunnelWise provides real-time visibility and best-in-class expertise to improve revenue velocity, goal tracking and forecasting.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Fully Customizable Solution
  • Advanced Funnel Metrics
  • Lead Sourcing & Attribution
  • End-to-End Goal Tracking

In today’s environment, developing a deep understanding of your sales and marketing funnel is more challenging than it should be. FunnelWise integrates with Salesforce and marketing automation software to connect the dots provide a holistic view of the revenue funnel. With this kind of insight, organizations can create forward-looking plans, quotas and goals – allowing them to make overall better business decisions.

With FunnelWise, businesses can clearly see the impact of each sales and marketing touch, discover trends, and create reports to illustrate the findings. Our solution will help answer questions such as these:

  • Are we on track to meet our goals? Reverse engineer your goals by identifying the revenue number you are trying to meet, then work up the funnel to find out how many leads you will need to have at each stage to meet your goal.
  • What marketing and sales efforts are having the greatest impact? Analyze the sources and activities attributing to revenue with custom views to see which teams and specific marketing and sales efforts are delivering the best results.
  • How are our sales teams performing? Get a more granular view of sales activity through breaking overall performance into sub funnels by individual sales rep or sales team. Learn what the top performers are doing and use that information to coach the rest of the team.
  • What can we do to grow our revenue faster?  Reviewing a comparative analysis of specific dimensions across your funnel or sub funnels will show you which dials you can turn or levers you can pull in your business to grow it more effectively.

FunnelWise doesn’t just offer software, our solution also includes built-in expertise and recommendations from our team of Revenue Funnel Experts. Our knowledgeable team advises clients on industry best practices and works closely with them to ensure their funnel will deliver the metrics needed to drive the sales and marketing engine to future growth.

Marketo Integration

FunnelWise's Marketo integration provides additional visibility into your sales and marketing funnels. This integration will allow you to: 

  • Create Marketo-only stages in your Blueprint 
  • Report on movement, velocity, volume, aging, and conversion rates for all of the stages in your funnel
  • Build Sub Funnels based on Marketo-only fields 

To learn more about the integration contact support@funnelwise.com