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FuelX Programmatic Video Advertising

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Drive online conversions by targeting your future customers with personalized video advertising across the web and Facebook
Main Features
  • Target in-market customers
  • Leverage web and social data
  • Reach over 90% of the internet
  • No minimums

FuelX is a programmatic video advertising platform that allows you to target both new and stale users who are in market for your products. Now.

Say hello to video.

Customers who watch a product video are 85% more likely to make an online purchase. Even a single exposure to a digital video ad can increase purchase intent by 5 times. FuelX works with companies who have exceptional video strategies and assets. Even if you don’t have video, we can turn your existing static images into a video ad unit.

Target new users. Intelligently.

FuelX combines video with data technology to create unlimited targeting power. We build profiles of users as they surf the web so that we can target individuals based on the factors that make them unique. When you place a cookie on your site, FuelX profiles your best customers. We compare this profile against our profiles of 250+ million active internet users to find you in-market users.

Reach them across the web and Facebook.

FuelX partners with the top video networks to reach over 90% of the internet. Not only do we serve ads across the web and Facebook, we leverage both web and Facebook data to invigorate video advertising with a novel approach to targeting users. With access to detailed anonymized Facebook demographic data and Internet users’ recent browsing behavior and interests, your fresh data generates incredibly rich insights about your audience.

Don’t lose them between devices.

Cross device targeting is critical in today’s multi-screen world. At FuelX, our cross-device targeting abilities are fueled by our profiling and scoring technology. It powers our ability to provide you with deeper insights and relevant targeting. Consumers signal differences in intent evidenced by their different data points on various devices as their browsing patterns change depending on the context. FuelX pieces together unique, device specific information to help you leverage your consumers’ data and serve richer, more relevant messages at all stages of your customer funnel. Our intelligent targeting of users across devices lifts your ROI by serving ads to consumers in the contexts in which they’re most likely to convert.

Watch your personalized ads drive conversions.

Do your future customers the courtesy of reaching them when and where it counts.