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Get on your customer's calendar. Join over 7,000 businesses using Eventable to communicate with their customers.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Works with all calendars
  • Embed in emails, sites & more
  • Edits update in real-time
  • Set custom event notifications

Eventable enables today's most innovative brands and marketers to communicate with their customers through native calendar platforms. As the leading provider of calendar-based marketing solutions, Eventable has helped over 7,000 businesses drive engagement and customer retention.  

Bring functionality into the calendar that was never possible before: 

  • Custom Calendar Notifications: Go beyond the default 15-minute "calendar reminder" by personalizing the message and exact time the alert pops up on your users' devices.

  • Dynamic Updates & User Tracking: Push content updates to users in real-time while tracking which events they're clicking, opening, deleting and sharing on social media.

  • Auto-Personalization and Geotargeting: Target specific events and promotions by location or user preferences through our personalization and recommendation engine.

Marketo Integration

Eventable enables Marketo users to communicate with their prospects and customers through native calendars. Drive more engagement with our integration: 

  • Embed "Add to Calendar" buttons inside Marketo assets seamlessly: No more wasting time creating calendar file tokens with limited functionality. Our embeddable buttons work with everything from Gmail to Outlook calendar. Customize the style and color to fit your brand.
  • Enrich leads for Marketo: Keep all of your contacts in one place easily. When contacts add to calendar with Eventable, they will be added as leads to Marketo. 
  • Add Eventable subscribers to Smart Campaigns: Need to add event subscribers to an Engagement Program or update lead scores?  Automatically enroll new calendar subscribers in Smart Campaigns to be more hands-off and effective.