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Technology Data Enrichment | BuiltWith/Etumos

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Get information on what technologies a prospect uses on her site, including analytics, marketing automation, mail servers, and more.
Main Features
  • Comprehensive technology lists
  • Alexa and Quantcase rankings
  • Real-time, per-lead enrichment
  • Guided webhook setup by Etumos

This is the official integration with BuiltWith, giving you real-time technology data enrichment through a native Marketo webhook that gives you data about your prospects' websites. 

Demographic qualification is more than just how much revenue your prospects make, especially when selling into modern startups—it's seeing how much traffic their sites get, what marketing technologies they use, and their appetite for similar solutions to your own.

More Realistic Demographic Scoring

Traditional firmographic scoring is becoming less of a good fit for B2B companies—when you're selling to high-growth startups, employee count and revenue can be misleading. What really matters is their appetite for cloud-hosted technology, SaaS technology, and best-in-class supplemental technology. 

Better Marketing Targeting

Use this integration to get real-time, automated information on whether your prospect uses a competitor's services, and then use Marketo to drop them into an engagement program specifically tailored to your comparative benefits over a competitor. 

More Intelligent Sales Conversations

Don't waste a prospects' time or your salespersons' time having to find a prospect's traffic ranking. Get Alexa and Quantcast rankings automatically. Start off your sales conversations by addressing pain points they currently have with other technologies, and address them.


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