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D&B Direct for Marketo

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Validate and enrich your prospect and customer data with Dun and Bradstreet's business insight.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Match & append with D&B data
  • Lead form enrichment
  • Automatic data refreshes
  • 220M companies/20M contacts

Marketo customers use D&B Direct to integrate business insights into their workflows, enabling sales and marketing teams to pinpoint better opportunities and drive revenue growth. D&B Direct injects cleansed business data into your workflow, resulting in better campaigns and lead scoring without manual data collection and validation. With D&B Direct, users can leverage D&B’s repository of verified contacts to find new prospects at all levels in an organization based on specific job function.


With D&B Direct, you can:

  • Enhance data quality to maximize your ROI with Marketo
  • Improve segmentation and scoring to generate higher quality leads
  • Shorten web forms to increase conversion
  • Identify decision makers by role to execute targeted campaigns

Marketo Integration

D&B Direct’s Cloud Connector for Marketo enables users of Marketo’s marketing automation platform to further enhance email targeting activities, drive higher response rates, and increase campaign ROI by enriching their prospect and lead data with D&B’s business insight.


Get Connected in Just 4 Steps:

1. Enter your credentials

2. Select the source object to pull data from

3. Select the destination object to map D&B data to

4. Select confidence code and optional match grade