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DemandLab  |  Services
Plan and execute revenue-focused programs that align sales, marketing & technology. Maximize marketing & CRM technology investment with DemandLab.
Main Features
  • Strategy and Planning
  • Marketing & Sales alignment
  • Implementation and execution
  • Custom Statements of Work

DemandLab leverages marketing automation and CRM technology to profile a prospect or customer’s relationships with a company throughout the relationship lifecycle. Using digital profiling and scoring capabilities, we work with clients to create laser-focused campaigns that reach the right people with the right message at just the right time.


Strategic Planning

  • Align the efforts of marketing and sales teams to support the entire marketing lifecycle
  • Target audiences by creating strategies to collect lead data and segment the marketing database
  • Develop scoring programs that support lead processing, routing and sales intelligence
  • Map out nurture campaigns that align with your prospects’ unique buying behaviors


Lead Lifecycle

  • Optimize marketing efforts along every step of the Demand Waterfall/Funnel
  • Design and implement lead routing and management workflows
  • Audit your Marketo and SalesForce.com systems and perform remediation for optimal sales and marketing performance, most up-to-date structure and industry best practices
  • Design, implement and manage advanced nurture and scoring programs

Marketo Implementation
  • Develop and execute outbound campaigns, programs and events
  • Create templates and assets such emails, landing pages, forms, and microsites
  • Segment your market and deliver tailored, dynamic content
  • Integrate with and fully leverage your CRM instance

Analytics and Reporting

  • Set up Revenue Cycle Modeler, Analytics and Explorer for Marketo
  • Create meaningful reports and dashboards


Content Development

  • Analyze your target market and develop buyer personas
  • Review existing content, identify gaps, and recommend new content strategy
  • Provide design and copywriting services for email campaigns, landing page content, case studies, cheatsheets, workbooks, infographics, calculators, articles, research papers, etc.
  • Provide multimedia development services to create and manage widgets, ROI calculators, online surveys, mobile applications, and more