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The "Genius Bar" for Marketo, CRM, & MarTech

DemandGen International, Inc.  |  Services
DemandGen provides comprehensive strategic consulting and implementation services helping companies optimize Marketo and CRM systems.
Main Features
  • Lead Management
  • Revenue Cycle Analytics
  • Demand Funnel Management
  • Marketo Campaign Execution

Driving ROI for Your Marketo Solution

DemandGen Inc. is a leading marketing technology consultancy and operational outsource solution for competitive organizations seeking to attain the maximum ROI out of their marketing and sales technology investment. DemandGen offers an array of consulting services as well as turnkey, operational outsource solutions to help companies achieve operational, program and campaign excellence.

The return on your investment in Marketo marketing automation depends on your marketing team's ability to fully leverage and master the power of the solution to:

  • Drive revenue
  • Deliver a consistent flow of qualified leads to sales
  • Increase output without additional resources

We are here to help you with Marketo-Certified Services

As a Marketo Services Partner, we educate your team, define your processes, and leverage all the power that your Marketo Solution has to offer. No matter what the scope of your needs may be, DemandGen can help. Our clients depend on us for:

* Best practice expertise in utilizing and optimizing Marketo to enhance ROI

* Deep knowledge and experience in demand generation/nurturing programs, lead scoring, Sales and Marketing Alignment

* Expert guidance in measurement and reporting that supports Marketo Revenue Cycle Analytics

* Hands-on integration, system optimization, enablement, and execution


Marketo Campaign Execution Services

Day-to-day campaign management can be challenging for marketing organizations of every size. DemandGen Campaign Execution Services is the "well-oiled machine" you need to turn out effective world-class campaigns that drive real results - time after time.

Depend on DemandGen's industry-leading expertise and certified professionals to produce, manage, deploy, and monitor your email marketing campaigns for maximum impact - so you can spend more time focused on strategy, planning, and alignment.

Some of the top businesses in the world depend on DemandGen to handle their day-to-day marketing campaign management and execution - why not yours? Find out how DemandGen's Campaign Execution Services can help you drive revenue for your organization.