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Datanyze provides real-time data on the technologies every website is using.
Main Features
  • Real-time Sales Intelligence
  • Daily Alerts
  • API for Marketo Lead Scoring
  • Salesforce Integration

Datanyze provides real-time sales and marketing intelligence on the technologies every website is using. 

Datanyze’s customers can research millions of companies from the Datanyze platform or by simply going to the website and using the Chrome Plugin. Customers can also set up custom daily alerts to get notified whenever a company starts or stops using a particular technology. 

Datanyze has integrated with 3rd party solutions like LinkedIn, Jigsaw and CrunchBase to provide information about leads and contacts directly in the web app. Customers also have access to all of Datanyze’s information right from their accounts or you can use the API to deliver information directly into Marketo. 

Case Studies: