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Cloudwords for Marketo

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In a few clicks, send Marketo campaigns for translation into any language. Localized content syncs back into templates. Global impact - fast & easy!
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Connects to Marketo in seconds
  • Automates translation proces
  • Reduces hands-on time by 80%
  • Lowers costs 20-40%

Cloudwords for Marketo is the first and only solution for automating the translation process for Marketo emails, landing pages, and other campaign elements - directly from Marketo. Because copying and pasting and other tedious tasks are eliminated, you save hours, even days, of your time, so you can focus on other programs and/or localize more campaigns! 

With just a few clicks, your Marketo content (any type) is routed for translation, and is returned in the appropriate templates and formats - so it's completely ready to deploy! Workflow automation and project management capabilities ensure the entire process is faster than ever thought possible. 

Cloudwords also reduces your direct translation costs, allowing your team to localize more with the resources you have. Other benefits of the Cloudwords for Marketo solution include central hosting of your translation memory (a very valuable asset you may not be leveraging), vendor management, valuable reporting and analytics, and more. 

Watch this webinar to learn more about how customers, like Coupa, are using Cloudwords and Marketo to localize their marketing messages to engage a global audience.

Marketo Integration

Cloudwords for Marketo is a direct integration with your Marketo instance, which means localization of emails, landing pages, snippets and more into any language becomes a seamless process within your usual Marketo activity. You never have to take the content out of Marketo, nor put it back in. Cloudwords takes care of all that for you. 

In addition, initially connecting your Marketo instance to Cloudwords SaaS solution takes a mere 90 seconds, so you can get started right away!