Surveys in CRM

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Clicktools is the premium survey software for businesses – the first and best at feedback-in-CRM integration to improve customer experience.
Main Features
  • Surveys integrated with CRM
  • Map to any CRM object(s)
  • Text analysis of responses
  • Mobile survey optimization
  • Get more value from your Marketo system by combining it with Clicktools for powerful survey / customer feedback campaigns that integrate with CRM.
  • Build professionally branded surveys and web forms without IT assistance – all point-and-click. 
  • Improve customer experience by adding Marketo tokens to your Clicktools URL strings to pass known data into your forms/surveys.
  • Drive greater customer satisfaction and loyalty with highly personalized email campaigns that reference information received in surveys, such as a satisfaction score or service rating. 
  • Keep customers engaged by using Clicktools CRM mapping to trigger campaigns in Marketo.
  • Improve financial performance by quickly addressing specific customer issues to retain customers and earn positive word of mouth.
  • Turn feedback into action through actions, alerts or conditional mapping.
  • Remove the administrative work of feedback by automating the issuing and reporting of surveys.
  • Improve insights and decisions by utilizing an enhanced single view of the customer in CRM.
  • Personalize staff interactions with customers by presenting feedback visually in CRM records (even across multiple objects).
  • Make customer care easier by driving a continuing conversation, triggered by survey results.