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ClickTale is the leader of In-Page Analytics, helping websites to optimize usability and maximize conversion rates. Our analytics captures every mouse.
Main Features
  • Visitor Playback
  • Heatmaps- Hover, Click, Scroll
  • Form Analytics
  • Conversion Funnels
Visitor Recordings
A Visitor Recording is a playback of each individual visitor's browsing session on your site. As part of ClickTale's SaaS solution, you see exactly where visitors are typing, moving the cursor, clicking, hovering or scrolling on a webpage, without slowing down the speed of your site or interfering with the browsing sessions of your visitors.

Heatmap Suite
Heatmaps are aggregated reports of visual data that reveal both strong and weak attributes of a webpage. Each heatmap within ClickTale's Suite displays a different method of interaction with your webpages, including mouse moves, mouse clicks, mouse scrolls, as well as the amount of attention time the visitor spends on a particular section of the page.

Form Analytics
Form Analytics is a suite of aggregated reports that analyzes the performance of any and all online forms on your site. These include the conversion report, drop report, time report, blank field report, and refill report.

Conversion Funnels
ClickTale's Conversion Funnel automatically maps out the most popular paths visitors use to navigate through a website. Our conversion funnels can be calculated on the fly and data is applied retroactively, unlike the funnel reports of most traditional analytics, taking days or even weeks in advance to prepare. All data is collected and analyzed in real-time, so no set-up is required.

Link Analytics
ClickTale's Link Analytics include eight distinct detailed reports about your visitors' hovers, clicks, hesitation time, and visit order of each of your hyperlinks. All data is displayed as a graphical overlay on the page, so all statistics are easy to read and interpret.

Search & Segmentation
ClickTale's dynamic Search & Segmentation features are high level filtration tools by which you can search and segment your visitor profiles. Find specific visitor browsing sessions based on any behavioral or business event, such as a JavaScript error, clicking on a specific call to action button, or opening a link from a specific email campaign.

Watch visitor recordings at each stage of your customers' conversion process. Whether it was in the middle of filling out a form, on a search page, or product page, ClickTale's Drill-Down feature immediately provides you with the visual video backup behind any quantitative report.