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With GoToWebinar you can conduct do-it-yourself webinars with up to 1,000 people - all for one flat rate.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • HD Video Conferencing
  • Set up a webinar in minutes
  • Present to hundreds of people
  • Marketo captures attendees

Consider some of the many ways GoToWebinar can benefit your business.

Expand Your Marketing Reach

  • Generate and nurture leads by educating your target market.
  • Reach prospects in a wider geographic area.
  • Invite guest speakers to endorse your product.

Streamline Company Communications

  • Conduct company-wide all hands meetings online.
  • Quickly update employees on new policies and procedures.
  • Enable HR to more easily provide new-hire and benefits orientations.
  • Record presentations for future reference and reuse.

Host Online Seminars

  • Present to hundreds without having to travel or reserve conference space.
  • Include subject matter experts from across the globe.

Core Features

Once you start your webinar, it’s easy to share your presentation slides or your entire desktop. The pen, highlighter, spotlight and arrow tools help you interact with attendees. HDFaces video conferencing adds another dimension to the experience. And you can record your webinar – including all phone and computer audio – for future review and reuse.


  • HD Video conferencing
  • Full desktop sharing
  • Specific application sharing
  • Instantly change presenters
  • Transfer keyboard and mouse control
  • One-click and audio recording
  • Multiple monitor support
  • Drawing tools
  • Chat
  • Mac and PC Support
  • Invite others on the fly

Marketo Integration

Connect Marketo to GoToWebinar and automate your events with our Event adapter. This adapter will allow you to manage your events, push registration information captured on a Marketo landing page to GoToWebinar, and pull attendance information automatically into a Marketo Event (which is a type of Marketo Program). This event capability allows you to capture the status of the leads as members of the event.