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Certain Event Platform

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A comprehensive event management application that allows organizations to plan and collaborate, engage attendees, and measure ROI more effectively.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Planning and Collaboration
  • Marketing and Engagement Tools
  • Events Intelligence

Certain is the enterprise event management platform for marketers to personalize event experiences and provide meaningful connections.  Certain enables organizations to efficiently plan, implement, promote, and bring events into the revenue cycle in an integrated, cloud-based environment. Stakeholders at every level will realize more business value from their events by utilizing the best practices and innovative tools built into the Certain solution. 

Certain delivers operational value, attendee value, and financial value to your events. 

Capabilities of the Certain platform include:

  • Highly-customizable registration and landing pages
  • Collaboration, planning and budgeting tools
  • Sourcing and spend management
  • Attendee management
  • Integrated Google Analytics
  • Social marketing tools
  • eCommerce payment processing
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Accommodation and travel management
  • Personalized Event Views™
  • Mobile event apps
  • Self-scheduled and matched 1-to-1 meetings
  • Advanced data capture and reporting 
  • Marketing Automation integration
  • PCI compliancy

Watch this webinar to see how customers, like Xactly, are using Certain and Marketo together to solve marketing challenges and drive revenue. 

Marketo Integration

Events represent a significant share of marketing budgets. Yet, while most organizations understand the overall importance of events to their business, it has been challenging for marketers to demonstrate the specific and tangible return on their investment.

By integrating events into your digital marketing programs with Certain’s Marketo integration, marketers can leverage the two-way data flow to not only register attendees and track what they are doing, but also understand their actual interests to drive more personalized lead nurturing and effective sales follow-up.  This allows for intelligently designed events that accelerate leads through every stage of the sales cycle and deliver measurable ROI.


  • Eliminate inefficient, error-prone processes such as manually importing attendee lists and updating registration statuses
  • Use existing data to inform and personalize the event experience for attendees
  • Optimize sales and marketing follow-up 
  • Provide real-time insight into event behavior, engagement, and interest
  • Score leads based on level of event engagement  and areas of interest 
  • Measure ROI of event spend more effectively

How it works:

  • Build segmented target lists in Marketo and import into Certain
  • Register attendees in Certain  and update/create leads in Marketo
  • Change Marketo program status for leads and trigger additional Marketo campaign flow steps, such as scoring, alerts, or synchronization to CRM
  • Track the degree and quality of engagement for each event participant to update behavioral scores in Marketo
  • Tag event activities with one or more company-defined areas of interest, and score leads based on an attendee’s level of interest in each area  
  • For more information on how to integrate Certain with Marketo, please see the link to our User Guide to the right