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Centric helps clients leverage technology solutions to maximize ROI on their technology investments and make marketing work across their enterprise.
Main Features
  • Campaign execution
  • Systems integration
  • Data solutions
  • Platform optimization

At Centric, we understand that effective marketing must be technology driven, intelligently automated and data informed. This creates an intersection of marketing technology, sales, and IT that can be complex due to varying departmental priorities and diverse technologies. Centric’s team can work cross functionally to help identify requirements, create the roadmap, and build the needed solutions and integrations to ensure that marketing operations works seamlessly and at scale.

Our capabilities include:

  • Cross-channel campaign execution at scale of up to one billion marketing transactions        
  • Behavioral modeling and prediction
  • Data optimization, including 360-degree data views, end-to-end monitoring, data hygiene and warehousing
  • CRM tools and custom accelerators delivering timely, relevant and actionable data
  • On-demand expertise, on-premise and remote, to scale up and down with market demand

Our expertise includes:

  • Certified Marketo experts and engineering expertise
  • Integrating with Marketo via the Marketo API
  • End-to-end marketing automation support and counsel (from campaign deployment to reporting)
  • Enterprise-level deployment and migration experience
  • Custom data dashboard creation for real-time analytics

Our approach lets marketers focus on strategy: the high-value, high-touch, experiential and relationship-driven work. This allows technology-focused marketing operations teams to implement and launch campaigns across multiple toolsets, provide precise reporting, and show ROI on the team’s campaigns and investments.

With the highest-quality standards and certification credentials, Centric has Marketo professionals, development experts, and technical engineers. Together, we offer top-notch technical skills, enterprise-level deployment experience, and on-demand expertise to help marketing and IT organizations accelerate customer journeys and boost customer lifetime value using Marketo.