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CallRail for Marketo

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Integrating Marketo with CallRail gives you the full story behind client behavior and a holistic view of lead activity.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Capture phone call activity
  • Integrates directly w/Marketo
  • No credit card free trial
  • Instant setup

You know what drives form submissions and clicks, but do you know what makes your phone ring?

Even if you're tracking form submissions, clicks, and other online activity, you won't get the full view of lead and conversion data unless you're also tracking phone call conversions.

Marketo tracks lead conversions coming in from web forms; and now with CallRail's Direct Connect integration with Marketo, you'll have visibility into all inbound leads - alleviating the issue of attribution blind spots.

CallRail enables data-driven marketers to know what makes their phone ring by tracking phone calls from online and offline marketing campaigns, providing insight into which campaigns are working best, and recording calls for lead qualification and coaching to increase call conversion rates.

  • Automated duplicate elimination: Our direct integration with Marketo checks the lead's Marketo munchkin cookie, giving you cleaner data by de-duping records.

  • One central view: Our integration closes the lead attribution gap by capturing leads received from phone calls and SMS messages in Marketo's activity log, enabling a holistic view into lead lifecycles.

  • Call tracking for each campaign: CallRail measures phone call conversions from digital marketing campaigns.

  • Dynamic number insertion: Campaign specific tracking phone numbers populate automatically into online content and display to the right audience - capturing the full visitor journey before and after the call.

  • Keyword-level call tracking: Understand which campaigns drive phone calls. Identify lead sources and associate calls back to the organic or paid campaigns that drove them.

  • Healthcare call tracking: For healthcare organizations interested in integrating their call analytics with Marketo, CallRail offers Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant call tracking. This plan enables covered entities and the marketing agencies serving them to track inbound leads, while maintaining compliance with regulations set forth by HIPAA and HITECH.

Make data based marketing decisions, gain insight into how campaigns are working, and close the lead attribution gap with CallRail's Direct Connect for Marketo.


Marketo Integration

Marketo tracks lead conversions coming in through web forms, but what happens when those leads come through the phone? CallRail's Direct Connect integration with Marketo means you'll see the full story behind your prospects' behavior, even when their path to purchase begins online and ends on the phone. 

Make data-driven marketing decisions, improve campaign performance, and close the lead attribution loop by tracking all of your leads with CallRail's Direct Connect integration with Marketo.