Notice to LaunchPoint Partners

To All LaunchPoint Partners:

We will be releasing a new version of towards the end of Q3.

If you’re a Technology Partner, the new site will require all Technology Partners to be Marketo Integrated.

  • If your solution is integrated but the integration is not documented on, please update the Marketo Integrated section of your LaunchPoint listing and re-publish.
  • If your solution is not integrated to Marketo, we encourage you to build an integration as soon as possible and document it on

If you’re a Digital Services Partner (DSP), the new site will require all DSPs to be a member of our official Marketo Digital Services Partner Program. As with the current LaunchPoint program, you must have achieved Silver-level status or above to receive a LaunchPoint listing.

  • If you are not currently a member of our official program, please apply here as soon as possible.
  • Again, if you are not at the Silver, Gold or Platinum levels, you will not receive a LaunchPoint listing.

You will be emailed detailed migration instructions towards the end of August.

If you have any questions, please contact