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Blyve: A Live Q&A Platform

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Blyve is a Live Q&A Platform that empowers you to host moderated Live Q&A sessions with your audience - all from your website.
Main Features
  • Advanced Q&A Features
  • Moderation Controls
  • Social Media Curation
  • Polls, Media, Coupons, & more

Blyve, the leading Live Q&A Platform for today’s social savvy marketer, leverages your website and existing social media strategies to create live, immersive, social experiences hosted on your website. With Blyve, you can create compelling real-time experiences around product launches, celebrity/expert chats, engaging Q&A discussions, and more. Blyve transitions your business from simply generating and analyzing social buzz to creating new levels of audience engagement and monetization.

What is the problem we’re solving? We are building a platform for digital marketers to host live Q&A events on their own websites where they can market to their customers in real-time. If you have ever tried to have a customer chat on either Facebook or Twitter, you’ll soon find out that among their many fantastic features, they were never built for live Q&A events, and as a result, social media platforms do not have the feature set necessary to create an engaging public conversation while empowering a brand to protect their brand integrity.

Blyve on the other hand, was built from the ground up to help digital marketers quickly connect, engage, and grow customers via our suite of powerful Q&A, engagement, curation, and moderation tools. Blyve provides a real-time stream of updates, customer comments backed by powerful moderation tools, polls, Q&A mode, rich media from top Internet/social media platforms, custom ads, and much more. Additionally, Blyve allows for full customization ranging from advanced templating to integration with your registration systems via our powerful APIs.

For more information on Blyve, including a variety of videos on our product, please visit:

If you are thinking of investing in a Live Q&A platform and need a little more detail, here are a couple of presentations to help you along your way with Blyve: