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SugarCRM Integration by Bedrock Data

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Sync Marketo lead and activity data into SugarCRM, and sync SugarCRM lead, account and opportunity data to close the loop on your marketing.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Bi-directional, real-time sync
  • Deep connector integration
  • Configurable workflow rules
  • Rapid deployment

Bedrock Data lets you setup and configure a continuous bi-directional integration between Marketo and SugarCRM

The integration is more robust than any native connectors and includes:

  • Sync Marketo Leads and Lead Activities from Marketo to SugarCRM as new Leads.  All custom fields supported.
  • Sync SugarCRM Contacts, Company and Opportunity data from SugarCRM over to Marketo (which can automate your Marketo marketing campaigns).
  • Push interesting moments from Marketo to Sugar for sales team visibility 
  • Full control over which data will sync in our easy-to-use, modern user interface.
  • Trigger marketing automation campaigns in Marketo from data coming from SugarCRM.
  • Limit which records should sync using a Bedrock Data workflow.

You can also connect and integrate more than just 2 systems using Bedrock Data, so if you're using a financial or support application on top of your marketing and CRM system, you can connect that data as well in the same integration and configure the syncing with your Bedrock field mappings.

Lastly, Bedrock Data integrations are affordable.  Please check out our pricing page for our pricing options.

Marketo Integration

The Marketo - SugarCRM integration from Bedrock Data allows users to sync Marketo Leads to SugarCRM Leads and Contacts.

You can also sync data back to Marketo from SugarCRM: all custom fields supported and you can sync data from the SugarCRM Contact, Company and Opportunity. Your field mappings are configurable right in the Bedrock UI. You're also able to limit which records should sync between Marketo and SugarCRM using a Bedrock workflow.

If you'd like to talk with us about your integration requirements, contact us here to schedule a conversation with a specialist 

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