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atEvent apps provide marketers with event specific solutions that have real-time lead retrieval and eNurturing functionality.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Lead Generation and Capture
  • Event Information and Content
  • Marketo Lead Form Integration
  • Attendee Engagement Tools

atEvent provides event specific solutions that have real-time lead retrieval and eNurturing functionality. atEvent apps are tailored and designed to maximize the impact of your next event. atEvent apps empower corporate event marketers to optimize attendee experiences with relevant, real-time information, connections and rich prospect intelligence.

Key benefits of atEvent that are being leveraged by Fortune 1000 companies to completely transform how they engage with attendees include:

Real-Time Prospect Follow-Up 
atEvent apps provide real-time lead retrieval, profile building, as well as out of the box integration with leading CRM and marketing automation systems such as Marketo, enabling corporate marketers to improve prospect follow-up and conversions after their event. 

Collect Rich Prospect Intelligence and Real-Time Feedback
atEvent apps provide corporate marketers with detailed insights around prospect needs and interests, allowing them to optimize their follow up strategies following the event. Real-time polling functionality enables marketers to solicit feedback and see results immediately. 

Social Media Integration that Drives Prospect Engagement
Corporate marketers are using atEvent apps to connect their social media channels and drive mobile app engagement before, during and after their event. atEvent apps are fully integrated with the most comprehensive list of social platforms available on the market today, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, Google+, Instagram and Foursquare. 

Fast, Scalable Deployment with Multi-Lingual Support
The atEvent platform allows companies to efficiently and cost-effectively scale mobile event marketing programs globally, using pre-approved mobile event templates (legal, brand, privacy and IT approved)that allow each new event to be supported within hours, across multiple languages.

Marketo Integration

atEvent Integration with Marketo 

Capture leads in real-time from your events and trigger follow-up activities and lead scoring automatically with atEvent apps that integrate directly with Marketo.

  • Tie any call-to-action in atEvent’s mobile apps to forms, enabling real-time data capture and seamless data transfer into Marketo. This eliminates the manual processes of lead collection, data cleansing, and data upload that are common in event marketing. 
  • Allows your interactions with prospects at events to automatically trigger follow-up actions from Marketo such as asset delivery and lead scoring, dramatically reducing follow-up times with your event prospects. 
  • atEvent apps capture all your prospect interactions at events so you have a complete picture of prospect activity. This detailed prospect intelligence allows marketers to place granular lead scoring rules and follow-up actions around different types of event interactions. 

Integration Options:

  • Level 1 Integration – In-App Linking to Marketo Forms
    Link any Call-to-Action in atEvent’s mobile apps to a native Marketo form, enabling real-time data capture.
  • Level 2 Integration – Custom In-App Forms Linked Through Marketo API
    Define custom forms within our apps to offer a seamless in-app experience and enable offline form submission. Upon submission, Marketo is automatically updated with the captured data.