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Acxiom AOS for Marketo

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Acxiom AOS technology delivers best-in-class recognition, targeting, and metrics to power Marketo B2C marketing campaigns.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • RealTime Customer Insights
  • CRM Enrichment
  • Personalized Web and Emails

The Marketo-Acxiom Approach

Acxiom's flexible Audience Operating System (AOS) delivers unparalleled recognition capabilities for today's customers, online and offline. AOS powers real customer insights about likely brand loyalties, media behaviors, demographics, and life-stage interests.

AOS APIs deliver these insights in real time for Marketo's Marketing Automation and Real-Time Personalization solutions, powering site optimization, email confirmations, and CRM data enrichment.

The integration delivers increased conversion of prospects, lead prioritization, and a deeper understanding of anonymous audiences.

Marketo Integration

Please refer to the Marketo Integration Overview document to learn about Marekto's Real-Time Personalization API/Acxiom Integration.